Hiring Policies and Employment Procedures

Please read this form prior to completing your application for employment.

We appreciate your interest in obtaining employment with Metro Xpress.  We are a progressive organization with much to offer.

To be considered for employment as a driver you must:

Be at least 23 years old.

Have a minimum of one (1) year verifiable OTR experience (10 states or more) within the past 5 years.

Have Class “A” CDL  – under no suspension or restrictions (other than corrective lenses).

Have good Motor Vehicle Record – 2 or less citations and DUI must be at least 5 years old.

and agree to comply with the following:

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 40, 382, 383, 385,

390-397 of the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration requirements and company policies.  Failure to do so will stop hiring process.  If employed, actions according to company policy will follow.

If hired and employment is terminated prior to 30 days from hire date, the employee will be charged for DOT physical, uniform preparation charges, and for any missing uniforms.   

*Over-the-road Drivers: Average Annual Wage $80,000-$100,000                                                    


(Apply to full-time employees only)

Metro offers 3 deductibles for the health insurance coverage.  ($1000, $1500, and $2500)  The company contribution of 50% of the single health premium is calculated on the $2500 deductible pricing at hire and will then add 10% per year of employment up to 100% at 5 years.  If a plan other than single/$2500 deductible is chosen, the balance of that plan will be deducted pre-tax weekly from the employees paycheck.  80%/20% coinsurance up to $2000; and 100% up to unlimited lifetime. $25 office visit copay.  $25 vision office copay.  Prescription card $15.00/$30.00/$45.00/ Dental, Disability, and Cancer insurance also available.

*Drop and layover pay, load/unload pay, tolls and scale fees, and “lumper” expenses with proper receipt.

Pilot gift cards   Paid for NO VIOLATION roadside inspections.  Level 1= $30 Level 2&3 = $15

$25,000.00 Life Insurance Policy – Company paid for employee

401K After 1 month of employment – Company matching program

*Paid vacation – one week after one year of employment, two weeks after two, and three after 10 years

Late model Kenworth Conventionals – OTR Tractors have 63” stand up sleepers

Paid uniforms

98% No touch freight

Omnitracks Communication w/EOBR

Driver Lounge with lockers, shower, direct TV

Company Jacket after one (1) yr. of service

*All raises, vacation and bonuses will be deemed as pay and will be subject to all state and federal income tax laws

Job Application

Current Address

Previous Address 1

Previous Address 2

Previous Address 3

Education History

Notice to Applicant

Applicant - If employer has not explained or given a job description make sure one is given to you and that you fully understand what is expected of you prior to answering the following questions and explanation if necessary.

Employment History for past 10 years

Last Employer

2nd Last Employer

3rd Last Employer

4th Last Employer

5th Last Employer

Driving Experience

Tractor and Semi-Trailer


Accident Record for past three years

First Accident

Second Accident

Third Accident

Traffic Convictions and Forfeitures for the last three years (other than parking violations)

First Violation

Second Violation

Third Violation

Driver's License (list each Driver's License held in the past three years

Current License


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